We help teams stay on top of large codebases

Our objective is to provide a suite of tools that help software engineering teams keep up with changes across large codebases by quantifying their impact.

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Meet Sasca

Sasca is a suite of tools that enable software engineering teams to efficiently monitor and evaluate changes in large code base. It shines in situations where context is as important as the code itself.

Meaningful changes

Easily identify the most impactful changes across your codebase. No more trusting commit messages.

Works across projects

Who is using that snippet anyway? Find how and where changes in your project affect others, intuitively.

Monitor Bug Impact

Uh oh. Found a bug somewhere in your code base? See how impactful it is to your project's ecosystem.

Git Integration

Sasca seamlessly integrates with the most popular Git Hosting Platforms like Github and Gitlab

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